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Glen Haven United Methodist Church

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4862 Glenwood Rd

Decatur, GA 30035



Tel: 404-960-1243



Below are the current campaigns and funds the you can donate to to help support Glen Haven United Methodist Church.


Fire Extinguisher Fund

Hello Church that time is coming again and we need to raise money to get new fire extinguishers for the church we are we are asking to help with donations towards a "Fire Extinguisher Fund" to help us stay in code and keep everyone with in safe. so please click on the donation button below and give what you can. Thank you.

"Bearing Fruit Campaign" / Building Restoration Fund

Glen Haven United Methodist Church is over 75 years old and to help insure that we continue our mission to serve the community we must make our house functional. We are looking to renovate many portions of the building like the restrooms which will allow us to fully utilize the rooms in the educational building and get our nursery running once again. We would be able to have community classes like yoga, music lessons and GED classes. Have a full functional nursery which would help raise revenue for the church and also give members a safe haven for their young children while they worship, meet or do their studies. These few examples are just the start of the potential of our church once we are full functional.

Operating Budget

Contributions to the operating budget help fund the many programming areas of Glen Haven including the many ministries.  Administrative expenses fund the maintenance of the buildings, utilities, and staff salaries. Program funding and administrative costs support the daily operations of Glen Haven United Methodist Church.

Hospitality Fund

This fund goes to help support our Hospitality, Care & Nurture, and Evangelism Ministries. Financial contributions to this fund will help get supplies and fund mission trips. Donations such as food and clothing are also welcomed to make any physical donations please contact someone in these ministries.

Glen Haven Scholarship Fund

This fund help some of our graduates by giving them a better start for their new school terms.

Worship Times


Adult/Youth/Children Sunday School

9:00 AM Sunday



Children's Church

10:30 AM Sunday



Worship Celebration

10:00 AM Sunday


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4862 Glenwood Rd

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